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Slone Cemetery

BROWN, Junior B:6-23-1913 D:9-14-1924

BROWN, Robert B:1-31-1915 D:8-24-1919

CHAFFINS, Mahala B:11-8-1922 D:7-10-1923

CLAY, Blanch B:8-15-1922 D:5-21-1924

CRAWFORD, Lula B:3-12-1902 D:12-13-1912

CRAWFORD, Meg B:1-4-1867 D:2-15-1904

HOLT, Imogene Moore b.4-3-1927 d, 7-28-1944, d/o Winfield Moore and Callie Boggs, w/o Willie Holt, died three days after childbirth with son, Willie Eugene Holt

HOLT, Wilma Jean, b. abt 1942, d. abt 1943, d/o Willie and Imogene Moore Holt

HORN, Floyd B:8-11-1913 D:12-19-1934

HORN, Oliver B:1-27-1912 D:9-6-1927,

HUMPHREY, Nannie B:12-28-1904 D:4-9-1984, w/o Herb Humprey

MOORE, James B:1-7-1867 D:1-9-1946, s/o John and Cynthia Moore , h/o Martha V.Hopson

MOORE, Martha Hopson b.2-14-1876 , d.9-21-1935, d/o Littleton Hopson and Delilah Music Hopson

MULLINS, Phena B:6-12-1898 D:7-26-1915

NEWSOME, Dona B:12-13-1900 D:7-10-1964

NEWSOME, Frank B: Oct. 27, ? D: ?

NEWSOME, Milford B: 1897 D: 1928

PENIX, Charlie B: 1897 D: 1932

PENIX, Paul B: 1928 D: 1944

SLONE, Colista B:2-15-1882 D:4-20-1898

SLONE, Emma B:9-12-1892 D:12-21-1897

SLONE, Elizabeth B:5-10-1882 D:11-8-1918

SLONE, Goldie B:4-29-1907 D:4-29-1907

SLONE, Hiram B:6-11-1854 D:4-14-1916

SLONE, K.F. B:10-14-1854 D:4-8-1897

SLONE, Merlin B:5-11-1911 D:5-11-1911

SLONE, Milton B:3-10-1914 D:3-10-1914

SLONE, Rosie B:4-16-1894 D:12-2-1897

SLONE, Rosie Dale B:5-17-1904 D:2-6-1917

SLONE, Susie B:10-20-1852 D:9-20-1898

SLONE, Shirley Cleo B:8-19-1940 D:9-19-1941

SLONE, Tilda B:5-10-1908 D:7-10-1921