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As reported in the Floyd County Times dated

July 2, 1997

Brookie Craft

Age 77, of Wayland, died June 24, 1997. Born Dec. 23, 1919 d/o George and Martha Combs Thornsbury. She was preceded in death by husband, Marland Craft. Survivors include one son, Palmer Craft; three daughters, Jenny Slone, Betty Lee Fraley, Judy Fraley. Burial was in Slone Cemetery at Raven, KY.

Vina Jane Webb

Age 81, of Allen, died June 28, 1997. Born Dec. 26, 1915 at Virgie, d/o George Washington, and Sarah Jane Perkey Paige. She was preceded in death by husband Darvin, Webb. Survivors include six sons, Estill Lee, Harlain Edward, Charles Delano, Bobby, Garlie Hensley, David Michael; six daughter, Gleanna Deskins, Ruby Jewell Stone, Betty Daniels, Eva Lee Stacey, Virda Kaye Boyd, Rita Fay Webb; on step-daughter, Juanuta Stratton. Burial was in the Crisp Cemetery at Dwale, KY.

Blanche Scott Hall

Age 79, of Harold, died June 20, 1997. Born Aug. 3, 1917, d/o Add and Elizabeth Denny Scott. She was preceded in death by husband Willie Hall. Survivors include one brother, Lafe Scott. Burial is in the Davidson Memorial Gardens at Ivel, KY, US 23.

Evelyn Risner Hicks

Age 70, Nicholasville, formerly of Floyd Co., died June 29, 1997. Born March 11, 1927, d/o Vincent and Lizzie Patton Risner. She was preceded in death by husband, Allen "Boot" Hicks. Survivors include two sons, Birchel Hicks, Ricky Hicks; two daughter, Patty Clouse, Johanna Maiden; one half-brother, Russell "Buster" Stidham. Burial is at Wicker Cemetery at Garrett, KY.

Arminta T. Clemons

Age 91, of Garrett, died June 27, 1997. Born Jan. 29, 1904, d/o William and Melvina Castle Triplett. She was preceded in death by 1st. husband Bill Turner and 2nd. Martin Clemons. Survivors include two sisters, Norica Brown, Illa Branham. Burial is a Davidson Memorial Gardens, Ivel, KY.

Jimmy Mosley

Age 48, of Prestonsburg, died June 28, 1997. Born Dec. 25, 1948 s/o Charlie and Stella McSurley Lafferty Mosley. Survivors include one son, Chester David Mosley; one step-son, Teddy White; one daughter, Alisha Diane Mosley; one step-daughter, Nancy White; one brother, Sam Mosley; four sisters, Colleen Hall, Charlene Prince, Ruby Hall, Darlene Nehrour. Burial is in the Dwale Community Cemetery, Dwale, KY.

Roger Lee Goble

Age 55, of Prestonsburg, died June 28, 1997. Born Dec. 22, 1941 s/o Bessie Skeens Goble. Survivors include mother, Bessie; one son, Ricky Goble; three daughter, Martina Owens, Marcella Joseph, Linda Goble; three Brothers, Charles, Irvin, Marvin; one sister Avalois Crum. Burial is in the Goble Cemetery at Brandy Keg, KY.

Mary Ellen Nelson

Age 82, of Banner, died June 29, 1997. Born Aug. 17, 1914 d/o Ike and Geneva Boyd Conn. She was preceded in death by husband Bill Nelson. Survivors include five sons, Thomas Ray, Ronnie, William Donald, Arthur Dean, Paul Richard; Six daughter, Eula Conley, Faye Mullins, Dotty Gay Layne, Rita Kay Howell, Rosetta Hawkins, Betty Jo Newman; two brothers, Willie Conn, Johnny Conn; Four sisters, Mona Boyd, Bessie Sammons, Jennie Ratliff, Eulavene Ratliff. Burial is in the Davidson Memorial Gardens, Ivel, KY.

July 4, 1997

Ray Calhoun

Age 76, of Prestonsburg, died July 2, 1997. Born Feb. 2, 1921 s/o Joe and Rosie Warrix Calhoun. U.S. Army Vet. World War II. Survivors include wife, Roselle Horn Calhoun; one son, Gene Calhoun; three daughter, Anna Rae Noble, Gay Nell Stambaugh, Shirley Lynn Calhoun; two brothers, Bill and Dewey Calhoun; four sisters, Faye Gray, Mary Alice Miller, Ellen "Sis" Meador, Mae Sizemore. Burial is in the Ray Calhoun Cemetery, Prestonsburg, KY.

Lilly Isaac

Age 70, of Wheelwright, died June 30, 1997. Born Apr. 29, 1927, d/o Tom and Sylvanina Johnson Wright. She was preceded in death by husband Howell Isaac. Survivors include four sons, Tommy Lee, Merlin, Michael, Mark; six daughter, Wilma Jean Hall, Floris Steel, Flotine Morgan, Libby Hall, Marlene Slone, Pauline Dugas; one brother, Billy Wright; Seven sisters, Doris Johnson, Millie Burke, Geneva Holbrook, Jessealee Bentley, Pearlie Bentley, Gracie Gilman, Gracie Shuffly. Burial is in the Isaac Family Cemetery at Wheelwright, KY.

July 9, 1997

George Thornsberry

Age 52, of Prestonsburg, died July, 3, 1997. Born Oct. 13, 1944 At Calf Creek, s/o Moris and Mary L. Garrett Thornsberry. Survivors include wife, Wanda Faye Maynard Thornsberry; two sons, George Thornsberry Jr., Graig Ousley; one daughter, Danetta Lynn Skeens; four brothers, Ralph "Hack", Gary, Everett, Russell; four sisters, Myrtle Jo Potter, Lillian Blackburn, Ida Rose Ross, Hester Layne. Burial is at the Richmond Cemetery in Prestonsburg, KY.

Jim Stumbo

Age 74, of Drift, died July 7, 1997. Born July 8, 1922 at McDowell, s/o Joe and Mint Sizemore Stumbo. Survivors include two sons Jimmy Darrell Stumbo, Joe David Stumbo; two daughter, Jerry Ann Standafer, Marieta Adams; three sisters, Melvina "Tiny" Thomson, Violet "Chick" Hall Wright, Inzie Moore. Burial Is in the Anderson Cemetery at McDowell, KY.

Effie Martin Hall

Age 85, of Deane, died July 4, 1997. Born Dec. 16, 1911 At Hall, d/o Perry Bruce and Josephine Hall Martin. She was preceded in death by husband Luther Hall. Surveyors include two sons, Wallace Hall, Jimmy Hall; three daughters, Georgene Johnson, Geronda Hall, Coleen Duncil; five sisters, Anna Mullins, Julia Akers, Lucy Smilth, Inez Osborne Ogal Martin. Burial is a the Hall Cemetery at Kite, KY.

Lenox "Bucky" Williams

Age 49 Of New London, Ohio, died July 4, 1997. Born Mar. 30, 1948 at Honaker, s/o Ralph and Goldie Kidd Williams. In addition to his mother, survivors include wife, Mona Hall Williams; two daughters, Lisa Shays, Tifffane Williams; three sons, David, Dewayne, Bradley; one step-daughter Brittany Lawson; two sisters, Eva Ratliff, Nina Damron; one half-sister, Jewel Williams; one brother, Clinton Williams. Burial is a Fitchville Cemetery, New London, Ohio.

Gladys Gearheart

Age 77, of Hi Hat, died July 3, 1997. Born June 28, 1920 in Borderland, West Virginia, d/o Samson and Willie Perterman Fugate. She was preceded in death by husband Bert Gearheart. Survivors include one son Bill Gearheart; three daughters, Dolores Ann Caudill, Joanne Robinson, Carilyn Sue Gearheart; two brothers, Doug and Homer Fugate; eight sisters, Phoebe Fugate, Linda Hall, Norma Moore, Nora May, Sue Hall, Ella Stone, Ruby Frazier, Isabel Scott. Burial is a the Gearheart Cemetery at Price, KY.

Rev. Thomas Carroll

Age 78, of Pikeville, died July 3, 1997. Born Jan. 20, 1919, s/o Bud and Annie Henson Carroll. Survivors include wife, Sheba Yates Carroll; three sons, Russell, Irmal Ray, James; two daughters, Virgie Coleman, Girdale Lawson; one half-brother, Paul Carroll. Burial is in the Carroll Family Cemetery on the Right Fork of Island Creek, KY.

Thelma Marie Layne

Age 81, of Logansport, IN, died July 2, 1997. Born Aug. 29, 1915, d/o James Anderson and Veda Patton Harper. She was preceded in death by husband, Elbert Layne, on Feb. 5, 1987. Survivors include two sons, Robert K., Donald O.; Four daughters, Janice F. Alder, Sandra L. Foster, Barbara A. Stratton, Deborah K. Bailey. Funeral services were held in Logansport, IN.

Geneieve "Sis" Morgan

Age 51, of Pikeville, died July 7, 1997. Born June 16, 1946, d/o Kessie and Dicie Watson. Survivors include her husband Ernie Morgan; two sons, Lloyd Morgan, Willie Morgan; one daughter, Skeeter Newsome; ten brothers and sisters. Burial is at the Watson Family Cemetery at Little Mud, KY.

Harry Hall

Age 80, of Bevinsville, died July 4, 1997. Born Mar. 10, 1917, in Floyd Co., s/o Willie and Rosanna Little Hall. Survivors include his wife, Bonnie Justice Hall; two sons, Jim and Truman; one daughter, Melvie Smallwood; Burial is at Buckingham Cemetery at Bevinsville, KY.

July 11, 1997

Fannie Branham

Age 95, of Upper Malboro, Maryland, formerly of Martin, died July, 8, 1997. Born Feb. 12, 1902, in Martin, d/o Columbus and Florence Stephens Crisp. She was preceded in death by husband, William S. "Pone" Branham. Survived by one daughter, Mary Magdalene Peters. Burial is at the Davidson Memorial Gardens at Ivel, KY, US 23.

July 16, 1997

Arnold Clark

Age 83, of Prestonsburg, did July 14, 1997. Born May 6, 1914, s/o Richard "Dick" and Maude Spears Clark. Survivors include wife Ruby Oppenheimer Clark; one daughter, Barbara Ann Burchett; two brother, Clyde Clark, Tom Ed Clark; one sister, Norma Sue Pigg. Burial is at the Porter Cemetery, Prestonsburg, KY.

Edith Mae Prater

Age 84, of Garrett, died July 14, 1997. Born May 10, 1913, d/o John and Elizabeth Ratliff Prater. She was preceded in death by husband, Muncie Prater. Survivors include five sons, Clarence, Robert, David, Larry, Okie; two step-sons, Harold Prater, Clyde Prater; one daughter, Wanda Foster; one step-daughter, Bethal Allen; one sister, Gerldine Bailey. Burial is at Davidson Memorial Gardens Ivel, KY US 23.

Bertha Turner Holbrook

Age 98, of McDowell, died July 11,1997. Born July 29, 1898 at McDowell, d/o Ben Franklin and Lucy Hopkins Hall. She was preceded in death by 1st husband Thomas J. Tuner and last husband Jesse Holbrook. Survivors include four daughters, Olive rove Hall, Virgina Lea Hall, Ruby Jane Pack, Connie Gail Crissman. Burial is at Lucy Hall Cemetery, McDowell, KY.

Marlene Webb

Age 45, of Prestonsburg, died July 12,1997. Born Mar. 31, 1952, d/o Roscoe and Eva Lee Salyer. In Addition to her parents, she is survived by husband, Billy Webb; two sons, Martin Webb, William J. Webb; three sisters Christine Poe, Nadine Farris, Lorine Salyer; two brothers, Jonathon Slayer, James Arthur Salyer. Burial is in the Hackworth-Webb Cemetery at Ivyton, KY.

Louise S. May

Age 95, of Langley, died July 10,1997. Born June 6, 1902, d/o Henry and Nellie Snoddy. She was preceded in death by husband George May. Survivors include one son, Donald G. May; one daughter, Pauline May Ousley; one brother, Theodore J. Snoddy; one sister, Thelma Kersey. Burial is at the May Cemetery at Langley, KY.

Bill Hinton

Age 80, of Allen, died July 11, 1997. Born Oct. 21, 1916, s/o Galloway And Marths Lafferty Hinton. He is survived by one brother, John Hinton.

Katie Chapman Campbell

Age 82, of Prestonsburg, died July 14, 1997. Born June 7, 1915 at Brushy, d/o Frank and Becky Hubbard Chapman. She is survived by husband Harris "Peg" Campbell. Burial is at the May Cemetery, Prestonsburg, KY.

July 18, 1997


Josie Hopkins Hicks

Age 77, of McDowell, died July 17, 1997. Born Oct. 13, 1919, d/o William and Martha Hamilton Newsome. She was preceded in death by 1st husband Elder Ross Hopkins, and second husband Robert Hicks. Survivors include two sons, Ronnie Hopkins, Billy Hopkins; three daughters, Phyllis Martin, Donna Jean Tuttle, Dorothy Miles. Burial is a the Hopkins Cemetery McDowell, KY.

July 23, 1997

George Oscar Blackburn

Age 90, of Fostoria, Ohio, dies July 20, 1997. Born Aug. 17, 1906 in Floyd Co. s/o Wheeler and Martha Jude Blackburn. He was preceded in death by 1st wife Maggie Spears, on Sept. 28, 1980. Survivors include wife, Ella Fay Blackburn; four sons, James, Clarence, Richard, Otto; two daughters, Betty Jo Walker, Lois Jean Byers; one sister, Lula Jane Berchitt; five step-sons, Rev. Eugene, Ralph, Curt, Gerald and Estill Bryant; two step-daughters, Billie Salyer, Carol Fann. Burial is at Memory Gardens Cemetery near Arcadia, OH.

Ganell Clark

Age 57, of Betsy Layne, died July 17, 1997. Born Feb. 23, 1940, Pike County, d/o Willie Edith Danials Branham Caldwell and William Branham. She was preceded in death by husband Butch Clark. Survivors include one son, James A. Clark II: two daughters, Cecelia Bryant, Pamels Rowe; one sister, Wanda Neese; one brother, Howard Branham. Burial is in the Ferguson Cemetery at Boldman, KY.

Mary Ellen Smith Conley

Age 78, of Goldsboro, NC, died July 19, 1997. Born Apr. 20, 1919 at Garrett, d/o John and Rebecca Stevens Smith. Survivors include five sons, Silas Combs Jr., Jimmy Ray Conley, Kermit Conley, John David Conley, Jackie Lee Conley; four daughters, Vivian Pennington, Wahillah Mink, Loretta Adams, Rosemary Hackworth. Burial is at the Conley Cemetery at Mousie, KY.

Rosa Johnson

Age 97, of Virgie, died July 19,1997. Born Mar. 12, 1900, d/o Marion and Liza McCown Hall. She was preceded in death by husband Willard Johnson. Survivors include two daughters, Katherine Johnson, Imogene Tackett; one half-brother, Maryland hall. Burial is in the Matthew Tackett Cemetery at Melvin, KY.

Florence Henderson

Age 62, of Melvin, died July 22,1997. Born July 14, 1935 at Melvin, d/o Halter and Edna Stanley Johnson. Survivors include her husband, William Henderson; one one David Henderson; one daughter, Judy C. Mullins; five brothers, Donald Johnson, Conley Johnson, Johnny Johnson, Lonnie Johnson, Ronnie Johnson; five sisters, Molly Bryant, Phyllis Newsome, Sadie Hamilton, Reba Johnson, Arlene Howell. Burial is at the Johnson Cemetery at Melvin, KY.

Marcus Elliott

Age 87, of Prestonsburg, died July18. Born Sept. 3, 1909 in Prestonsburg, s/o William Alford and Sarah Jane Rose Elliott. He was preceded in death by wife Martha Messer Elliott. Survivors include three sons, Arvin, Linden, Roosevelt; three daughters, Sarah Jane Craft, Pearl Greene, Mary Sue Horton; one brother, Arville Elliott; two sisters, Rosie Robinson, Mona McKenzie. Burial is at the Family Cemetery in Prestonsburg, KY.

Thomas Marsillett

Age 62, of Prestonsburg, died July 17, 1997. Born July 19, 1934 in Floyd Co., s/o Mack and Aggie Nelson Marsillett. He was preceded in death by wife, Dortha Back Marsillett. Survivors include four daughters, Terry Marsillett, Alpha Poe, Gladys Scott, Emma Minix; one brother, Paul Marsillett; one sister, Lillie Faye Slone. Burial is in the Marsillett Family Cemetery on Middle Fork in Magoffin Co., KY.

Joseph Harris Hubbard

Age 80, of Washington, GA, died the during the week of July 4, 1997. Born Sept. 16, 1916, s/o Malcom and Rebecca Harmon Hubbard. He is survived by children, Joseph H. Hubbard II, Leilani Hubbard Ruesink, Yvonne Brown Hubbard, Mike, Hubbard. He was cremated.

Rush Osborne

Age 70, of Hi Hat, died July 17, 1997. Born Nov.18, 1926 at Price, KY, s/o Charlie T. and Rebecca Mae Lawson Osborne. He was preceded in death by wife, Leda A. Aoborne. Survivors include four sons, George, Donald Glen, Demorris, Stewart Lee; three daughters, Reba K. Johnson, Lynn Hall, Maglene Amburgey; four brothers, Howard, John, Charles, Wade; two sisters, Vonnie June Moore, Shirley Brown. Burial is at the Newman Cemetery at Hi Hat, KY, Rt.979.

July 25, 1997

Donald Dewey "Donnie" Baldridge

Age 58, of Prestonsburg, died July 24, 1997. Born Aug. 25, 1938 at East Point s/o Lorraine Williams and Kermit Franklin Baldridge Sr. Survivors include mother, one brother, Kermit F. Baldridge Jr.; two sisters, Patricia C. Allen, Karen Lorraine Bradley Hobbs; Burial is at Richmond Memorial Cemetery Prestonsburg, KY.

Eligha Hall

Age 63, of Ashland, OH, died July 21, 1997. Born July 10, 1934 in Floyd Co. s/o Julius and Maggie Green Hall. Survivors include wide, Cora Shepherd Hall; two daughters, Kathy Morgan, Donna Cruz; one son, Rockie Hall; two sisters, Elosie Hunter, Dorothy Moore; three brothers, Ivan, Edmond, Raymond; Burial is at the Ashland Cemetery, OH.

Helen Blackburn

Age 77, of Drift, died July 22, 1997. Born Dec. 6, 1919 at Garth, d/o Edward and Mary Salisbury Stickler. She was preceded in death by husband Lacy Blackburn on Jan. 20, 1997. Survivors include three sons, Lindsay, Barney and Wade Blackburn; one daughter, Dandra L. Music; one brother Howard Stickler. Burial is at Drift Cemetery, Drift KY.

July 30, 1997

Turner Branham

Age 82, of Dwale, died July 28, 1997. Born Dec. 13, 1914 at Water Gap, s/o Polk & Nancy Lafferty Branham. Survivors include wife, Ruth Goble Branham: one daughter, Barbara Branham; one sister, Stella Hall. Burial is at Davidson Memorial Gardens at Ivel, KY. US 23

John Mayo

Age 86, of Martin, died July 26, 1997. Born April 11, 1911 at Martin, s/o Parker and Fannie Dingus Mayo. Survivors include wife, Dolly Mayo; three sons, Don Mayo, Johnny Mayo Jr., Thomas Mayo; two daughters, Glenda Frye, Ann Welch. Burial is at Davidson Memorial Gardens at Ivel KY. US 23

Alvis "Abb" Compton

Age 85, of Salyersville, died July 27, 1997. Born April 18, 1912 at Marrowbone Creek, Pike Co., s/o Roscoe and Betty McCown Compton. He was preceded in death by wife Sadie Pauline Compton in 1984. Survivors include three sons, Alvis Compton Jr., Richard Compton, Hershel Ray Compton; one daughter, Leona Nelson; two sisters, Maxine Rice, Nelle Rice. Burial is at the Gunnells & Rice Cemetery at Banner, KY.

James H. Lafferty

Age 66, of Prestonsburg, died July 27, 1997. Born April 11, 1931 at Prestonsburg, s/o Jerry Albert Lafferty Sr. and Lula Derossett Lafferty. He was preceded in death by wife Doris Ann Spradlin Lafferty, on Aug. 18, 1991. Survivors include one son, Dr. Mark A. Lafferty; one daughter, Lisa Ann Martin; two brothers, Adrian Lafferty, Thomas Lafferty Sr.; one sister, Christine Ball. Burial is at the Mayo Cemetery in Prestonsburg, KY.

Wiley Vernon Elliott

Age 92, of Martin, died July 25, 1997. Born April 13, 1905 in Gate City, VA, s/o Andy and Ava Compton Elliott. He was preceded in death by wife Ludie Estep Elliott. Survivors include four sons, Gus Godfrey Elliott, Olin Elliott, Francis Elliott, Vernon Elliott. Burial is at the family cemetery at Allen, KY.

Martha Ann Rapier

Age 77, of Paintsville, died July 27, 1997. Born July 20, 1920 in Johnson Co. d/o Dr. Ernest E. Archer and Martha Fannie Auxier Archer. Survivors include husband Dr. Joseph H. Rapier Sr.; one son, Dr. Joseph H. Rapier Jr.; three daughters, Peggy Williams, Mary James Carrol, Matgy Kinner. Burial is at the Richmond Cemetery in Paintsville, KY.

Hazel Slone Sparkman

Age 83, of Leburn, died July 25, 1997. Born June 1, 1914 in Knott Co. d/o Isom and Ruthann Reynolds Slone. She was preceded in death by husband Irvin Sparkman. Survivors include six sons, James, Cyle Dean, Eugene, Marvin, Artie, Lawrence; five daughters, Corean McIntosh, Betty Sparkman, Racine Terry, Ruby Anderson, Sandra Kay Ratliff; three sisters, Beatrice Hall, Annetta Combs, Carrie Anderson. Burial is at the Davidson Memorial Gardens at Ivel, KY US 23.

William "Bill" Martin

Age 89, of Martin, dies July 25, 1997. Born April 25, 1908 in Minnie, s/o Noah and Josephine M. Martin. Survivors include wife, Dorothy T. Martin; one daughter, Dorothy Gay Yabroff; four sisters, Cassie Martin, Stella Hamilton, Edith Hopkins, Bess Helton; one brother, James Martin; Bill was preceded in death by son William Gary Martin. Burial is at the Turner Cemertery at Drift, KY.


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